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Hello, you! Do you dream of having prettier handwriting?

Has your penmanship turned into a Hot Mess?

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Woman writing in a journal while enjoying her morning coffee

✎ Do you get frustrated trying to decipher what you wrote in your journal and ask yourself, “What language did I write this in?”

Woman writing with her left hand in a notebook while seated at a wood table

✎ Do you have a burning desire to express your creativity & develop your own personal handwriting style?

Woman writing with a fountain pen on a spiral notebook

✎ Still saving that pretty journal because you don’t want to “ruin it” by actually writing in it?

✎ Are you comparing your journal to those brush lettering videos on IG...and now you just don’t wanna journal at all? 

♥ You know that’s the opposite of self-care, don't you?

Picture of Course Author, Ro Cain. A Woman looking into the camera.

I hear you! I've been there.

I used to have legible handwriting -- but over the years, my handwriting started looking super sloppy. I learned calligraphy as a kid, and taught myself brush lettering as an adult. My friends would tell me, “you write so pretty!” So, why did my regular handwriting look like junk?

I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), so my hands aren’t as agile as they used to be.But, I was still sick and tired of my lecture notes and journal entries being so – ugly, I’ll just say it.

Could I apply what I’d learned from brush lettering to my regular handwriting? ✾ Could I have pretty handwriting again?

So, I worked to develop a technique using calligraphy and brush lettering skills – without actually doing brush lettering, spending weeks practicing, & without any fancy pens! 

And, it worked! My handwriting was prettier again.

Use my 4Ps of Pretty Penmanship


Relax and get rid of Perfectionism –Relax your body and hands, & mind as you develop your own unique handwriting style.


Put pen to paper! 

Work along with me as you get your basic letters into shape.

Personalize & Play

Make your writing more You —

brush-letterize the basic letters & add some pizzazz to your handwriting

Here's what you get in Pretty Penmanship – Unlock the Secrets to Gorgeous Handwriting

Video lessons Prerecorded lessons demonstrating the 4Ps of Pretty Penmanship -- Do it along with me!

• I'm in the process of adding transcripts to all the videos

Printable PDF workbook with explanations, cheat sheets, and lined pages for practice -- Have fun with it!

Audio lessons with transcripts -- Listen for some pointers!


"Fonts I Love” ebook -- use for inspiration as you Personalize and Play with your Handwriting style. Websites I use to find beautiful fonts.

$10 Value.

Video Tutorial: Answers the question: What do I need to use?

What type of pens I'm using, how they write, and what pens you don't need.

$20 value

This is for you if...

• With the world so crazy, you’ve got an urge to journal, but you want it to look pretty.

• You’ve got a burning desire to express your artsy side in handwriting

• You’re tired of being frustrated by how your handwriting looks.

You’re ready to get out of you "chicken scratch" rut.


Get the special Price