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The Handwritten Touch - Write Cards with Pizzazz

My 6 step process to write & send cards to customers and clients.

Want to stand out in a crowd?

• My 6 step creation process to letter, address, and send that card!

Practical tips to help you craft your own handwritten card to show thoughtfulness (& personality)

• Hand write cards to stand out in a crowd of coaches & entrepreneurs

• Send thank yous when you ship products to encourage customer loyalty

You're tired of buying a greeting card with some sappy poem & just scribbling your name on it.

♥ What if you knew how to hand write cards in a beautiful, creative way? Join me in this mini-course that will introduce you to a simple way to write cards by hand.

♥ You'll be able use those beautiful cards you bought, stay in touch with loved ones, & show your customers and clients that their is a real live human behind the name.

I get you

"I don't know what to say!" Or, "My handwriting is so embarrassing!"

I get you. Writing a card by hand feels like going out on a limb. And, coming up with the words -- whew!

But, you can do this!!

I have many years experience in writing cards and hand lettering and I have a simple process. Take this course to see how I did it!

This is for you if...

• You're ready to transform your client experience by adding the personal touch of handwritten thank you and cards for special occasions in your clients life

• You want to explore your creative side and express your care for your loved ones with handwritten cards. 

• You want to show your personality when you send a card and not just scrawl on a card with a marker.

• You bought those beautiful cards to look classy/professional. Now, you're afraid to write on them.

Watch & do!

A 20 minute video tutorial — gain the know-how & confidence to write that card!

Ready Reference!

Written recap of the steps in the video

& a Downloadable PDF!

Mini-Course for $17