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About Boho Dragonfly Works

Hello, I’m Ro!

My products are designed for self-care for women.

Journaling can help you stay grounded and sharp and in touch with what’s going on with you . Calendars and planners and trackers can help you stay on track. 

Also, just looking at wall art can make you feel happier. 

So, that’s what I want for you: to find something lovely, beautiful, and happy for your world to make your inner self delight.

Don’t you love pretty things? Vibrant colors and pretty florals make me want to squeal with joy. 

But, I haven’t always been able to find what i wanted. Minimalism is not what all of us want, is it? We can be responsible citizens of the planet and still like pretty things!

Does everywhere you look seem to offer black and white...or gray, if they’re getting really crazy?  

You and I want color and flowers and texture and a some fun. So, you may find some lovely things, some a little quirky, some a little wild here .

I started Boho Dragonfly Works for you and me. For the love of color. 

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is an important part of self-care. So, take care of yourself here! Buy a friend a gift: take care of them, too!

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